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  • Fly Control

    1. Fly Control (Online Game)

    Fly Control is an online game where you have to catch the Flies roaming in the sky. Cruise through each difficulty level and register your high scores.


  • tinge

    2. tinge

    tinge is an online image editor where you can enhance your images with either the preset tinge filters or manually adjust the effects to your desired limits.

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Excel Add-ins

1. GetFileNames

The Add-in picks up all the file names from a folder specified by the user and inserts into excel cells starting from the active one.
After the installation you can find the function in the DATA Tab.


2. Combine

This Add-in combines all the worksheets in a workbook into a new sheet.
After the installation you can find the function in the DATA Tab.


3. Filter To Sheets

Have you ever thought of filtering the excel data corresponding to a particular column and separate them into different sheets, then Filter-To-Sheets is the wright add-in for your excel documents. After the installation you can find the function in the DATA Tab.

While running the function, you will be asked to enter the following three inputs

1. The header row number of the data (the parameter cannot be empty)
2. The column number that contains the data upon which the sheets have to be created (the parameter cannot be empty)
3. And finally the data to be filtered to the new sheet; If the value is left blank, all the values in the above mentioned column will be considered and the respective sheets will be created.


childlogger v1.0

Child Logger

Child Logger is an activity monitoring application which logs the keystrokes and opened applications. The Stealth mode enables the app to run in the background and thereby it stays invisible to the users. The Application is meant as a parental control to track the activities of a child.

Child Logger logs the following while it monitors the activities

1. Start time, end time and each minute clocked
2. Keystrokes from the keyboard
3. Opened Windows ( can be a software, Internet Explorer visited sites, Windows explorer folders etc )

Note : The Application works only when run as administrator



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